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Hi and Welcome to the backup page for:

help_spread_the_word at Gorb's place.

The different cards/labels/stickers are made from the images below. The images are links to pages with Buziness Cards, *Mailing Labels, and the **Bumper Stickers looking as the image.

Click on an image to follow the link

help spread the word

Help spread the word

Hint: try clear labels Or Magnetic Stickers, or resize the image you want to use and print it directly on the envelope.

If you don't have word, you can download a wordviewer from here: Link to WordViewer

Read the information below to get the most out of the stickers.

Size for Business cards - 2 x 3 1/2"

*Labels, whether they say address/mailing of just labels - as long as they measure 1" x 2 5/8" with 30 to a sheet they will be fine.

Items below tested OK, TnX Hope

  • Avery #8371  Matte White Business cards.  2" x 3 1/2"   (ink jet)
  • Geographics Business Cards (no #)
  • Avery Address Labels #5260  1" x 2 5/8"  (Laser)
  • Avery Matte White Labels #8250  1" x 25/8"   (ink jet)
  • Office Max White Ink Jet Labels #86110
  • Avery Clear Mailing Labels #8660  (ink jet)
  • Business cards - 2 x 3 1/2" Avery #5371
  • Avery labels #6460, 6461
  • Avery #5165 label stock, Makes two - 4.15" x 10.75
  • Window Decals #03276 InkJet, Uncoated, 8-1/2" x 11" (Makes two - 4.15" x 10.75 ). Instead of Bumper Sticker paper.

**tips for the bumper sticker from Hope:  "I used Office Max bumper sticker pac and it suggests that you lightly spray with either a matte or gloss spray to add extra protection. Looks great on my back window of SUV."

**Information for the Bumper Sticker . Makes two - 4.15" x 10.75 -  stickers per page

  1. Print it on Avery 5165 label stock, or any other kind of Full-Sheet Label Paper stock. (NOTE that you should use a LaserJet printer instead of a bubblejet or other printer - this will ensure that the ink won't run in the rain. If you don't have access to a LaserJet printer, your local Kinkos has Laser copiers - it is cheap and easy.) *OR, check the tips from Hope above.*

  2. Cut them into two pieces.

    (The Avery 5165 - or otherwise, full-sheet label stock - is available at any office supply store (even online) such as OfficeDEPOT , and will cost you less than $30 for 100 sheets - which will make 200 stickers! Or you can buy 25 sheets for less than $10. That's only 50 cents per sticker!)


  1. TAG ONLY BUMPERS, DO NOT TAG A PAINTED SURFACE! Plastic type bumpers should not be tagged as people have claimed that the finish can be marred by the bumper sticker. Please put the sticker on the bottom of the rear window of such SUV's. Make sure you put it on the bottom of the window so as to not obstruct the rear view vision of the driver.
  2. Dirty bumpers don't work... wipe of the excess grime before you tag an SUV - it is handy to bring a rag with you.
  3. When you place the stickers on the bumper, rub it a few times to make sure it is really stuck on there good.
  4. NOTE: If you use the Avery stock, when you remove the backing, some of the stickers may have a little corner that you have to remember to remove.

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Note: Choosing to download and use these stickers is your own choice, and the liability and responsibility for doing no damage to SUVs is yours.

TnX Rana for the image.

Do you want another State Flag or Country Flag on the sticker? Suggestions?

Do you want the text in another language? Drop a line.Email Me